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There are 5 Credit Unions operating in Renfrewshire of varying sizes, offering a variety of services: Gleniffer Credit Union; Johnstone Credit Union; Renfrewshire-Wide Credit Union; Scotwest Credit Union and White Cart Credit Union.

My Credit Union Renfrewshire is your one stop shop for these credit unions. We are here to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice about joining a credit union and to signpost you to one that suits your needs.

Whether you are looking to save for your future or looking to access ethical, affordable finance – you have come to the right place. This website will give you all the information you need and answer that all too common question – “What is a credit union?”

What is a Credit Union?

What is a Credit Union?

If you Google ‘What is a Credit Union?’ you get the very simple answer ‘a non-profit-making money cooperative whose members can borrow from pooled deposits at low interest rates’ Which is in essence what we are.

Credit Unions offer savings and loan products to members at low interest rates, and don’t need to pay third-party shareholders. All money invested stays in the community and benefits other community members.

Our Credit Unions in Renfrewshire offer a wide variety of products and services: from Christmas savings clubs to mortgages.

You join a Credit Union, rather than just open an account. This means that you have a say in how the Credit Union is run and can share in any dividend paid. Your money is protected by the FSCS up to the first £85,000 deposited.

Some people think Credit Unions are just for poor people. This isn’t the case Credit Unions are for everyone!! Over 20,000 people in Renfrewshire are members already. Why not join us?



Why Join a<br />
Credit Union?

Why Join a
Credit Union?

What are you looking for
What are you<br />
looking for?

What are you
looking for?

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